Contribution to the SOCIAL COMPETENCE development at work
in the AGRIculture sector. Health at SAFETY at work
No. 2011-1-ES1-LEO05-36046

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Welcome on the e-learning platform developed under Transfer of Innovation, Lifelong Learning Programme Project: Contribution to the SOCIAL COMPETENCE development at work in the AGRIculture sector. Health at SAFETY at work.

In this project, 5 organizations from 4 different countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland are sharing common aims and ideas for developing a training course regarding labourrisk prevention in Agriculture. For more information about the project, please visit is an advanced and innovative e-learning tool that presents Training Course, regarding Health and Safety at work, in particular in AGRIculture Sector. Initially, the Training Course was developed and conducted in Spain. This LLP project focuses in the transference and ICT adaptation (to a Blended learning system) of the training course in labourrisk prevention in Agriculture to three countries Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. During the activities under the project, the content of the Training Course was adaptated depending on the specific conditions and needs in each partners country.

The training material is structured and organized in 5 Modules:

Module 0 – Introduction. Characteristics and problems of the agricultural sector 

Module 1 – Basic concept on heath and safety at work 

Module 2  - General risk assessment  at work 

Module 3 – Specific risk assessment in the agricultural sector 

Module 4 – Basic elements of risk prevention 

Module 5 – First aid

All selected modules of programme, pictures and videosare part of the content of the platform in order to develop distance training pilot project in all project member countries.Furthermore the use of ICT and e-learning methods makes easier the training due to difficulties in the sector to devote timefor a high quality training on this topic.

The platform is multilingual part of B-Learning course in 6 languages: Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish, Arabic and Romanian, to provide specific training to farmers, remunerated persons and self-employed workers and agriculture students, and for all interested parties. A qualified tutors will support and guide all participants and users, during their learning course, using the functionalities of the platform – “Support section” is available, FAQ section, e-mail communication, etc.

To request a registration and access to the Training course, please click on button “Request an account” in the Menu Bar.

Dear visitors and trainees to visualize and use all functionalities of the Agrisafety platform, we recommend you to use as Internet Browser one of the following:

Internet Explorer 9 or later
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The presented logos on the bottom of the page are active hyperlinks to the companies’ web pages of all project partners, participants in the project, where you can follow us and find our contact data for any further questions and communication.


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